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Suitable topics for counseling are, e.g.:

  • How to communicate effectively
  • Winning gently … with diplomacy
  • Communication in difficult, complex situations
  • Rhetoric and presentation
  • Age-old knowledge for power, strength, and serenity in each situation
  • Mental strength and clarity

Let us talk about your ideas and smart next steps!

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„Thank you again for your invaluable input and extremely useful tips. This was my first contact with coaching … I have taken a lot from it.“
IvoclarVivadent AG, Schaan
„Your open-mindedness as well as your direct and constructive style have really helped me a lot. You have given me help for self-help. I see what I need to do in order to be perceived the way I want to be perceived much more clearly now. The relationship with my stakeholders is much more relaxed now. I communicate much more pro-actively, I remain calmer in unpleasant situations, and I address issues in a more thoughtful manner. I recommend a coaching with Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ to anyone who makes a genuine effort to master the topic of communication in a corporation. Understanding the basics of internal communication and its influence on behavior is indispensable to every management level in a company.“
Peter Mühlhäuser, General Counsel & Compliance, Swiss Export Risk Insurance, Zurich