Complex communication processes | Internal and external

Counseling objectives are:

  • establishing a high level of trust with different stakeholders and further strengthening it
  • directly addressing and engaging stakeholders, so as to enable genuine dialogue and exchange
  • benefitting from the knowledge, intelligence, and experiences of a multitude of people from a variety of fields, in order to find innovative solutions for a complex issue
  • resolving conflicts through dialogue and finding creative solutions
  • developing new ideas and ways for a business wishing to shape the future
  • re-establishing a connection with the individual human being,

I offer … 

  • Advisory for content as well as process design
  • Preparation and organization of the process and the event itself
  • Moderation of the process and the event

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„A big compliment to you for a fantastic moderation! You guided the audience through the program in such an entertaining and exciting way that I was fascinated by every single minute. […] as a moderator you are also the host and must create the right atmosphere. In this case, it was simply brilliant.“
Natalie Waltmann, Member of the Executive Board, Head of Communication, Bank Coop, Basel