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Communication as good diplomats master it  – as sustainably effective infotainment for your convention, client and staff events, or individual formats for politicians and business people – with numerous examples from international and diplomatic practice.

Speech topics are:

  • Winning gently … with diplomacy
  • Winning with clarity
  • Age-old knowledge for strength and serenity in everyday life


As a moderator, I host your internal as well as external events and I ensure that good and meaningful conversations, which touch and sustainably impress the audience take place. Hereby, I support you in the design of both content and process.

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You can profit directly from my deep background knowledge together with strategies and techniques from the world of diplomacy. I train your leaders and managers, and I support them in the implementation process. Be it one or two days, every seminar is tailor-made.

Practice and applicability are the top priorities. In addition, participants profit from a coaching effect of tailor-made seminars and small seminar groups, i.e. we only work with content, examples, and feedback that are relevant to the participants.

Seminar topics are:

  • Winning gently … diplomacy as a competitive advantage
  • Presentation Power – Presenting effectively
  • Clarity and mental strength   
  • Age-old knowledge for power, strength, and serenity in every situation
  • Public Diplomacy – In dialogue with the world

„Gerlinde Manz is an exciting and entertaining speaker. You would like to listen to her for hours. She has experienced a lot in her career as a diplomat and on her travels. She shared her experiences and adventures with our audience at Mobiliar Akzente in Bern, Zurich and St. Gallen. Thank you, Gerlinde, for your great performance and the uncomplicated cooperation!”

Karin Baltisberger, Leiterin Unternehmenskommunikation, Mobiliar Versicherungen, Schweiz
„A big compliment to you for a fantastic moderation! You guided the audience through the program in such an entertaining and exciting way that I was fascinated by every single minute. […] as a moderator you are also the host and must create the right atmosphere. In this case, it was simply brilliant.“
Natalie Waltmann, Member of the Executive Board, Head of Communication, Bank Coop, Basel
„Thank you for the fantastic seminar. … I received great new insights that I can use well in my daily work.“
Werner Kerber, Raiffeisen Bank Tyrol, Innsbruck
„Again a heartfelt thank you for your awesome and inspiring speech! You really captivate the audience, with content and as a person.“
lic.phil. Simone Isermann, Head Corporate Communications, Raiffeisen Switzerland, St. Gallen

“Thank you for the inspiring, interesting evening. The participants found it extremely exciting, I also enjoyed it very much: exciting and very charming.”

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann, Universität St. Gallen (HSG)

“Dr. Gerlinde-Manz accompanied us again this year at one of our most important customer events. As a presenter at four events of our women’s event series “The Footprint of Inspiring Women”, she guided the events charmingly and eloquently as a presenter. Ms. Manz-Christ is characterized by an exceptionally high level of empathy with the various speakers and the audience. She has great merit for the good success of the events and for the many positive feedbacks from our guests.”

Urs Landolt, Founding Partner and Member of the Executive Board, Globalance Bank, Zurich