Ankommen. Aufatmen. (Arrive. Breathe freely)
Sich selbst wiederfinden durch Naturverbundenheit

A small virus is showing its big impact these days: Our daily routine is subject to new rules. In the home office, in the imposed domestic seclusion or even in quarantine, we are “thrown back” on ourselves and forced to pause. We should use this time to get in touch with ourselves again: What do I want from life? What am I actually doing? And what fills me with joy?

We cannot change the external circumstances at the moment, but we can change our internal attitude in order to cope well with them. The lesson of the day is: personal responsibility. Acting responsibly towards yourself and others is the only way to deal with the corona crisis. And acting independently is the key to personal happiness. In my retreats – sitting around the crackling, warming campfire under a clear starry sky – the participants often philosophize about how success at work and in life can be more relaxed, healthier and with more meaning.

This path requires transformation. Just as the Corona crisis is changing our social life and work in the long term, awareness of our needs and conditions, of our potential and perspectives is changing our personal life path. Anyone who comes into action experiences transformation. The old says goodbye, the new takes its place – and if the path leads in the «right» direction, we move a little closer to our true self.

My new book «Ankommen. Aufatmen» (Arrive. Breathe freely.) is a travel companion for personal change. It contains my wealth of knowledge, my extensive professional, life and crisis experience. In the numerous crises that I experienced and supported professionally, my close relationship with nature helped me to master some seemingly insurmountable challenges. Today I know that I would not have survived the stress of being a single mother, career woman and crisis manager without my regular connection to nature. Nature is an inexhaustible source of strength.

With this book, I invite you to take the path to an intense experience of nature and to feel (again) the connection to yourself. Based on personal inspiring stories and specific tips, you will learn how to face pressure, develop trust in the flow of life and use the power of nature for your professional and personal success. Believe me: we are confident that we will also master the current challenge. May I help you with this?

Information about the book

256 pages,
36 beautiful pictures of nature, to arrive and breathe easy (also at home)
ISBN: 978-3-347-03448-8
Publishing company: tredition
Size: 12,0 cm x 19,0 cm
Publication date: 24.03.2020
29,90 € inkl. MwSt.

Hier you can order the book. It will be delivered directly to your home by the publisher in a few days.  It is important to me to provide people with new perspectives, confidence and orientation within their professional and life careers. I will show you tried-and-tested ways that dealing with yourself mindfully enables a successful, relaxed life. In addition to the classic counseling approach, I work with tools and methods from diplomacy and natural psychology.