Ready for change?!: Age-old Wisdom for new power and serenity today

Weekend Retreat with Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ


Ready for every transformation!

The future in the digital world belongs to the “nature-smart”. They are connected to nature and use it to find perceptual clarity for making good decisions in the midst of nature. With the right mindset they survive the challenging everyday life and stay fit for the future.

Native peoples, whether in the European Alps or in North America, who always had to survive under harsh conditions, have always drawn from nature as a source of strength and inspiration. Take advantage of this secret knowledge for your own personal path and goals. With this ancient knowledge you will find more balance to live joy, clarity, and inner strength.

This weekend retreat awaits you with

  • real intensive encounter with nature on all sensory levels
  • manifold exercises and reflections to sharpen the self-perception
  • Time to organize thoughts
  • Inspirations to develop personal themes
  • Getting grounded again

We will be out in nature in beautiful mountain scenery,

  • taking small hikes
  • Recharging our batteries at power places
  • Accepting knowledge of native peoples
  • learning to ‘read’ nature and ourselves
  • enjoying regional culinary delights

So you will find clarity for the next conscious steps on your life and career path.

In harmony with nature, you learn to sharpen your senses to always have orientation in your life. Because the sharpened perception of our senses is the conscious balance to the increasing digitization of our life and work.

Target Audience:

This seminar is addressed to Executives, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • You achieve clarity about your goals and needs, and you have the courage to stand for them in front of yourself and others
  • You learn to gain the necessary clarity, serenity, and determination necessary for success, staying healthy and satisfied at the same time
  • You learn to communicate with yourself and your environment so in the long term all interests are being taken care of
  • You know how to apply and practice Native American rituals for your personal and professional success

More Information?

You can download the seminar flyer as a PDF.