Crisis Communication

Seminar by Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ


How you can best prepare for a communication crisis!

Economic issues, rumors, blackmail attempts, loss events, mass layoffs, and environmental scandals, but also mergers and acquisitions, financial scandals, and changes in the regulatory and consumer environment: A crisis can have many triggers. Crises are mainly communication and media crises. Not only the »classic« high-­‐risk companies are under threat, but basically any institution, company, party, any association or organization.

Since crises develop fast and always at the worst possible point in time, it is paramount to prepare well, i.e. work out suitable measures for crisis prevention and crisis management.

The seminar examines both sides of crisis communication: ad-­hoc communication during crises as well as the instruments of preventive crisis PR. You will deepen the newly gained knowledge in practical exercises. At the end of the seminar you will have a set of tools at hand that allows you to positively influence the course, length, and intensity of a crisis through professional crisis communication.

Target Audience:

This seminar addresses company executives, members of the general management and the Executive Board, company and press spokespersons, as well as press and PR-­‐staff.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • You learn how to communicatively deal with your stakeholders from practical experience
  • You know which factors are important to professional crisis communication
  • You can better gauge subjects’ and problems’ crisis potential
  • You know the most important instruments of ad-hoc communication
  • You know how and with which instruments you can actively prevent crises in the future as well as how to prepare yourself for their occurrence

More Information?

You can download the seminar flyer as a PDF.