Winning gently

Seminar by Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ


How to assert your own interests with diplomatic tact, in a complex environment.

You need diplomatic tact and finesse, if you as leader want to assert your own interests in the long term, in a challenging environment of diverse stakeholders within and outside your organization. Firm in the matter, winning in tone.

Be it business or family – in our daily lives we are often confronted with challenging and complex – also communicative – situations. Such situations must be „navigated“ as diplomatically as possible, in order to let everyone in our environment save face. Tips on how to succeed in the face of these daily challenges are the main focus of this seminar.

Target Audience:

Executives, leaders, and managers who want to effectively assert their interests inside and outside the company and who want to stay healthy and content at the same time.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • You learn the relevant winning strategies for communication during challenging situations and can apply them
  • You learn – through authentic stories and real life practical examples – what works and you know how to apply it to your own challenges
  • You receive interesting background knowledge on diplomatic communications and pragmatic, immediately applicable tips for daily business
  • You learn how to better assert your interests in negotiations and stay healthy at the same time

More Information?

You can download the seminar flyer as a PDF.