Success through diplomacy

Diplomacy is one of the best and most sustainable ways to win people over for your ideas or your organization’s concerns and to overcome barriers. Because using smart communication and diplomatic behavior, you

  • present your messages, issues and ideas so convincingly and professionally that the audience says „Sold!“
  • lead meaningful conversations where participants engage, learn from each other, and profit
  • face other people with respect, so each person can save face
  • create trust – the greatest asset in communication – among your team, your employees, with your clients
  • find new, creative solutions with which everybody wins something as opposed to everybody losing something through compromise.

For you, this means that you

  • perform and present in a convincing manner
  • position and sell yourself and your organization with power
  • drive sustainable change
  • increase the power of innovation in your organization by increasing your employees’ engagement
  • motivate your employees, leaders, and yourself to achieve outstanding performances by creating purpose in what you are doing
  • deepen client relations 

“Smart communication”

summarizes our communication principles


Clear diplomatic principles for your success

In order to achieve this efficiency in your performance, communication, and language, there are clear diplomatic principles and specific methods that also work for you as an entrepreneur, leader, employee, as well as in everyday life.

One of these principles is to see and address the human being behind the function or position, as it is always the individual human being that you want to win over and convince.

Core elements of my consulting and cooperation approach for you:

  • Communication support as an external communications department for businesses, associations, and individuals, for your internal as well as external communication.
  • Develop, design, implement, and moderate communication strategies and dialogue formats, in order to shape the future, drive change, boost innovation, improve team cooperation, and deepen client relations.
  • Create clarity for individuals and organizations, in order to be enable smart decision-making, the definition of clear objectives, the development of strategies and defining the smartest next steps.
  • Positioning, advocacy, and lobbying for businesses towards states and foreign authorities, as well as forging relationships and networks to this end.

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My method and approach

The R.D.N. Communication system according to Manz-Christ® is my consultancy approach. It is based on my wealth of experience and practical know-how of the last 30 years. It comprises the following modules:

Reflection creates clarity: I assist organizations and individuals in clearly recognizing and sharpening their respective ideas, intentions, and goals, because clarity is the basis for success and growth.

Communicating in dialogue creates trust: Dialogue is the art of thinking aloud together. I accompany organizations in their endeavor to find widely accepted, sustainable solutions and results through a dialogue strategy process, e.g. for transformation, innovation, strengthened client relations, optimum positioning in international markets.

Acting in a network creates credibility: I advise and support organizations on a local, regional, national, or international level in working together constructively and communicating effectively with further developed principles of diplomacy. With this, you can assert your issues and ideas in such a way that everybody wins and saves face.

„… we thank you again for your inspiring speech „Communication in client relations – The account manager as diplomat“. You gave the more than 100 participants interesting background information as well as valuable tips for their work as key account managers.“
Dr. Martina Weissenbök, Director, Banking Training, Raiffeisen Campus, Vienna