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Diplomatic. Competent. Successful.

Overcoming barriers by using diplomacy.



Keynotes, Seminars, Events with Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ

21-22 Feb 2018

Die Kunst des sanften Siegens – Erfolgreich mit Diplomatie

Offenes Seminar, Zürich

07 March 2018

Japanische Waldmedizin: Gesundheit stärken – Heilung fördern

Medizinische Universität, Wien

13 March 2018

Vertrauen, Misstrauen – und andere Dilemmas

dieMobiliar, Bern

Current videos with Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ

Clients testimonials

„… I was impressed both by the highly interesting content of your descriptions and your wonderful way of telling the stories. Much of what you bring into the businesses out of your rich experience is badly needed …”
Eva Risler, CEO, Futureways GmbH, Dürnten
„I, personally, as well as the other members of the Government have highly appreciated Dr. Manz-Christ as an absolutely discreet and winning personality with high integrity. As the Government Spokesperson, she represented our Government and the Principality of Liechtenstein in a powerful and convincing manner, with her unique diplomatic skills and always in an exemplary fashion.“
Dr. Klaus Tschütscher, Prime Minister, Principality of Liechtenstein
„She encouraged, admonished, and convinced us, all at the same time … with highly interesting content and with her personality, Gerlinde Manz-Christ was a real highlight that afternoon.“
Dr. Arno Weber, Directorate, Raiffeisen Association of Tyrol
„Thank you for such a fabulous class last week. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from someone who shares my heart for communications and public affairs/diplomacy and has such a wealth of experience. It sparked excitement in me and reminded me of why I have chosen this career path. I sincerely hope this won’t be the last time we cross paths. I’d welcome the opportunity to learn from you again in future.“
Taylor Christine Luby, PR company, Portland, OR