About Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ

Gerlinde Manz-Christ is Managing Partner of Manz-Christ AG - strategic communications advisory - and Manz-Christ Communication Academy (MCCA). Until 2011 she was Government Spokesperson for the Principality of Liechtenstein. Before, she represented Austria as top diplomat in Dakar, Tel Aviv, New York, and she headed the press and information department in the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Vienna. Manz-Christ studied law, interpretership, international relations and business administration.

Communicating diplomatically clear

What is the right mix of clarity, emotion, and diplomacy? Communicate as clearly as possible and as emotionally as necessary – or the other way around? Good communication conveys information in such a way that the recipient understands it the [...]

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Communication for start-ups

What do I as a start-up have to consider in order to optimally position my ideas and appeal to potential investors? So that they may be interested in investing in my company and my ideas? How do I find the [...]

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